Old Master Paintings and Drawings

The Department dealing auctions of old master paintings has given us, in the past years, great satisfactions, with sales that were often the top lots of our auctions. An authentic point of reference for collectors, enthusiasts and all those in search of original and rare ancient paintings, the Department of Old Master Paintings presents artworks of private collections origin exclusively. This is why it's easy to understand that the sales of old master paintings organized by Cambi are rare if not unique opportunities to buy important antique paintings and artworks, with the guarantee of having made a profitable and safe investment.

The auctions of old master paintings organized by Cambi Auction House take place every six months, in spring and autumn, and propose a wide selection of important paintings with a prevalence of paintings of the Genoese School of the XVII and XVIII century. The Department has also recently dealt with works that have been correctly attributed for the first time to Cambiaso, Paggi, Bernardo Castello, Fiasella, Strozzi, De Ferrari, Guidobono, Tavella, Carbone, De Wael, Borzone, Bertolotto, Travi, Ansaldo, Piola, Assereto, Valerio Castello.

Cambi's Old Master Paintings Department boasts many years of experience and a rich tradition in the sale of antique art and paintings; the catalogs proposed in the auctions include works of different types including historical scenes and representations of religious and social motifs, landscapes, portraits and still lifes, paintings of the most famous artists belonging to different artistic periods such as Renaissance, Romanticism, Realism, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo, Gothic and various other artistic schools.

The Department also deals with old master drawings, a typology of art expression used since the Renaissance - thanks to the diffusion of paper - when many authors experimented with new painting techniques including silver point, black pencil, graphite or red, pastel and in particular sanguine, watercolor, tempera, pen and ink. If the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries had seen drawing as the protagonist and foundation of painting, Realism marked a real turning point in the artistic panorama: drawing on printed paper was in fact ennobled to a true and proper autonomous and original artistic expression.

Some of the most important old master paintings sold in our recent sales, such as the Seneca morente (Dying Seneca) by Rubens, sold for € 574,100, the couple of paintings by Panini sold for € 393,000, but also the Allegoria dell'Autunno (Allegory of Autumn) by Giorgio Vasari, sold for € 150,100.
Very good result were also achieved for old masters paintings by Italian painters such as Giovanni Serodine, with his San Gerolamo, sold for €334,100, Sandro Botticelli for his Madonna con Bambino, sold for €310,000.

Our experts are available to valuate free of charge the old masters paintings in your possession; do not hesitate to contact Cambi Auction House if you'd like to receive more information.