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Fine Drawings

tue 29 October 2013
Genoa - Castello Mackenzie
SINGLE SESSION 29/10/2013 Hours 15:00
A selection of drawings by Italian and European old masters mainly from Lombardy collections, with ample space to  Ligurian artists such as De Ferrari, Castello, Cambiaso, Paggi and Piola, the Bolognese Gandolfi and Carracci and even the Romans Anesi, Onofri and Stern .Several other major schools from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century complete this collection, making it a rare opportunity for collectors.
Viewing from Friday 25 to Monday 28, 10am to 7pm
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Lorenzo De Ferrari (1680-1744) Giano

matita nera su carta, mm 215x155
€ 1.500,00 / 2.000,00
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