Georges Mohasseb - Studio Manda
PRISMA light, 2019

€ 1.000,00 / 1.500,00
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Georges Mohasseb - Studio Manda PRISMA light, 2019

Oxidized, brushed brass and solid cast resin lamps

cm 38x7x19


Lot offered by Studio Manda with a 100% donation, subject to VAT, shipped from Beirut, Lebanon

‘Prisma’ Light is made of solid resin injected with a light pinch of powdered metal, generating a sculptural poetry through lit geometry. Transforming transparency and light into a journey through and constellations, Prisma portrays a fragment of time and space. The rays that penetrate the solid are diffused into a beautiful spectrum bouncing freely in various directions.

Studio Manda is a furniture and interior design company born from a collaboration between Georges Mohasseb and kareen asli. Georges has been working as an architect and designer for 22 years. Through his professional experience and intensive workshops he has mastered furniture making techniques in France at École Boulle with a vast range of materials. His passion for design has lead him to teach in renowned academic institutions in Europe and the US. Georges strives to create a limited number of timeless designs that embody a high level of craftsmanship and a complex expression of materials through their colors, shapes, textures and smells. Georges' products and limited editions have been exhibited in international design fairs and his work is currently represented by Carwan gallery in Athens, Gallerie Gosserez in Paris and is in collaboration with Gabriel & Guillaume in NYC.

Why Milano:
Hi, my name is Georges Mohasseb, Founder of Studio Manda. I am based in Beirut, but I consider myself to be a citizen of the world. I have decided to participate in the Cambi Auction House project because it corresponds to my philosophy of life that sharing is caring no matter how far apart we are. The Cambi initiative in collaboration with the
Ospedale Luigi Sacco is a message of hope, a united creative contribution and a positive input to support research. My participation is a tribute to the city of Milano, as it is the epicenter of design and social design thinking, as well as, a source of inspiration for better days to come.
Your truly,
Georges Mohasseb
Founder of Studio Manda