Matteo Pellegrino with CAMP Design Gallery
2 Small Leaps, 2019

€ 1.000,00 / 1.500,00
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Matteo Pellegrino with CAMP Design Gallery 2 Small Leaps, 2019

Set of 2 rugs in poxy resin
unique pieces

Prod. Gobbetto Resine
cm 70x70


Lot offered by Camp Design Gallery srl with a 100% donation, subject to VAT, shipped from Milan, Italy

These resin carpets have been created to reflect the design of galaxies and photos made by space telescopes. Needless to emphasize how the concept of boundary is limited and limiting in that context, and how small and petty border issues are minuscule compared. Space rugs to remind us how big the Universe is.

Coming from Lecce, Matteo Pellegrino (1982) moves to Milan in 2001 to attend the Politecnico University where he obtains a degree in Product Design. In the meantime he collaborates with Fish Design project of Gaetano Pesce with whom he then collaborates directly years later, having the opportunity to spend time in his workshop in New York.
The passion for materials leads him to concentrate his research on the processing of plastics, polyurethane foams, resins and silicones, investigating and exploring different creative processes and different techniques applied to products development.
His approach is transversal and interdisciplinary, based on the philosophy of thinking with the hands.
His work is born from multiple hands-on experimentation of materials, and reinterpretation of their characteristics which give life to unique and original
design. His projects and his philosophy are often influenced by a life experiences, by trends, by social changes and by contemporary issues, giving voice to a transformative and complex reality, without however neglecting an ironic and sometimes desecrating vein on important themes of social living.
Over the years his research has led him to important collaborations with Alessandro Mendini, Fernando and Humberto Campana and Enzo Mari, who have influenced his perspectives on contemporary design and enriched his vision by developing a critical sense and aesthetic applied to the development and production of pieces that stand between art and design.