Paolo Gonzato with CAMP Design Gallery
BARACCHE - Hint of Mint, 2016

€ 4.000,00 / 6.000,00
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Paolo Gonzato with CAMP Design Gallery BARACCHE - Hint of Mint, 2016

Float glass, tropicalized metal, led
Unique piece

cm 80x10x58


Lot offered by Camp Design Gallery with a 50% donation, subject to VAT, shipped from Milan, Italy

The BARACCHE project is a suggestion by the instantaneous architectures at the edge of the road and by bric-à-brac constructions. BARACCHE as a souvenir of the ring road, ephemeral plastic buildings to demolish, corrugated iron roofs and industrial irons. Volumes affected by inaccurate choices, not taken, all to involuntary, random shapes, never equal to themselves. Unique pieces by necessity, grotesque and fascinating. A shock of brutalism and ruins of the commercial mall, without possibility of choice but only acceptance of its own cliché. BARACCHE is the semantic reduction of a house to a caricature.

Paolo Gonzato lives in Milan, where he has a house and studio.
His work is across the board, referred to the design and the production, in this area he is creative director of the project LOLLIPOP for APALAZZO Gallery.
His works are presented in private and public collections, having participation in national and international exhibitions. At the moment he participates in an overview of Italian painting in China at the Peninsula Art Museum Weihai, Shandong, and This is today on display at the Pirano's Civic Gallery and at the Portorose' s Monfort (Slovenia). In the past he had collaborations such as NO SOUL FOR SALE at the Tate Modern in London and projects at the Art Biennale, Biennale of Architecture in Venice and the Biennale Berlin.
He has been selected for a Japanese government program, JAPAN BRAND, with a residence in Tokyo. He has held workshops and participated in publishing projects. He has independent curatorial experiences in participating in numerous projects under the non-profit. For FIORUCCI ART TRUST and others, he developed performance / DJ SET and various site-specific interventions.
From 2016 with Camp Design Gallery, he developed the glass collection BARACCHE