Seesaw Bookshelf, 2010

€ 4.000,00 / 5.000,00
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Seesaw Bookshelf , 2010

Largh. 220 - Prof. 25 - Alt. 45 Cm
Every book tells its own story. Every book has its own weight. By playing with balance, the Seesaw Bookshelf visualizes the breadth of our home libraries. The removable bookends allow the grouping and arranging of books in countless ways.
The Seesaw Bookshelf, with its minimal and neat aesthetic, is a functional, yet playful and con- ceptual object. It evokes one’s consciousness through experi- ence and interaction.
It I time to ask yourself the ques- tion: “is Kafka truly heavier than the latest issue of Vogue?”.
Shipped from Netherlands
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