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tue 14 December 2021
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Hypacrosaurus is an ornithopod dinosaur of the Hadrosauridae family, it is most easily distinguished from other hollow-crested duckbills (lambeosaurines) by its tall neural spines and the form of its crest, most likely having social functions, such as visual signal allowing individuals to identify sex or species and providing a resonating chamber for making noises. Barnum Brown, the paleontologist who in 1910 discovered its first remains in Alberta, Canada on a mission for the American Museum of Natural History, gave the name Hypacrosaurus, meaning “near the highest lizard” (Greek υπο-, hypo- = less + ακρος, akros, high) impressed by the size of the animal, almost as large as Tyrannosaurus, the iconic dinosaur he first discovered just a few years earlier, in 1900. The bone material constituting Henry reconstructed skeleton, has been collected by natives of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, in a single layer, at a well-defined, relatively small quarry belonging to a Two Medicine Formation outcrop, in Glacier County, Montana.
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Hypacrosaurus sp.

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75-65 Ma

Cretaceo superiore, Campaniano Riserva Indiana Blackfeet, Contea di Glacier, Montana, Stati Uniti Formazione Due Medicine<br><br>Largh. 330 - Prof. 100 - Alt. 140 Cm
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