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September 2014 - n. 07

2014 first half saw the organisation of many successful auctions and events, starting from the Fine Arts appointments in March – among which the sale of the furnishings of the antique dealer Bartolozzi from Florence, which attracted the interest of buyers from all over Italy – to the Sculptures and Old Master Paintings auctions. This last one set the sales record of the Auction House for an old master painting with a Tuscan board of the end of the 14th century.

We strengthened our presence in Milan, not only with the Modern and Contemporary Art and Jewels and Silvers auctions, but also taking part in the event Civicum, held in Brera on 28 May. On the other hand, in Genoa we organized two auctions extremely sought after by our clients: Oriental Art and Design. A remarkable increase in terms of participation was reached by Time Auctions, online auctions giving the chance to buy furniture, paintings and objects with really interesting prices comfortably from home.
The new season is starting at the end of October, celebrating two anniversaries at one time.
On 14 September 2004, after two years of hard work, we opened the new headquarters of the Auction House in Castello Mackenzie with a great party attended by hundreds of clients and friends. It was not only the move of a Genoese auction house, but also, and finally, the opening to the public of one of the most significant buildings of the city, after many years of abandon and works started and interrupted. Ten years have passed since that day, years in which we dramatically grew and we became a consolidated national and international reality. In 2011, we celebrated our 100th Auction; now we are celebrating our 10th anniversary with the 200th auction. On this occasion, we want to give Genoese people, our clients and ourselves the opening of the last part of the castle, finally restored: the artificial caves looking at the cloister in front of the building. A unique and fascinating place, from now on opened to the public and dedicated to hosting events: a suggestive setting for exhibitions, conferences and cocktails.
But the most important event for this new season is the opening of our new office in London, which will be directed by Sebastian Cambi and will become the reference office for foreign market. It will also host the previews of our most important auctions held in Genoa and Milan, and exhibitions of selected works for private sales. This is an extremely important step for our Auction House that, with this proposal, completes its offer, becoming a global partner for anybody willing to sell or buy works of art.
We will also open a new department –Vintage Motoring – that, under the direction of Claudio Rava, is going to realise a catalogue dedicated to cars, motorcycles and memorabilia, playing for the first time in Italy in a niche sector that sets great results during international sales.
This number of the magazine offers, as usual, the report of the sales of the first half 2014 – with the great results of China and the great performances of Design and Jewels – as well as the records set by Old Master Paintings. Moreover, it anticipates the future sales of Fine Arts in October – from several private commitments from all over Italy –, the Milan events and, in the end, the December auctions that will close a year full of news.
And, of course, there are many cultural analysis: the pictures by Mario Carnicelli, by Laura Leonelli; a piece on Ettore Sottsass’ works and personality, by Andrea Pietro Mori; an interesting essay on natural pearls by Raffaella Navone. Pietro Zonza illustrates the beautiful crucifix by Fontana, which will be on sale in December during the 20th-century Decorative Arts auction, while Emilie Volka travelled to London to review the fifth edition of “Masterpiece”, one of the glamour events held in the British capital. At last, Bianca Dolfin, in addition to a brief presentation on oriental corals, wrote two essays on the top lots of the Old Master Paintings auction.
Finally, it is our pleasure to announce that this issue of Cambi Auction Magazine will be attached to the Giornale dell’Arte and, therefore, it will be available not only for the clients of the Auction House, but also for all the readers of the most prestigious Italian monthly journal of this sector. With a circulation of 40,000 copies, we will become, with no doubts, the magazine with the highest circulation in the art and antiques sector.

Laura Leonelli  from Domenica da Collezione, insert of Il Sole 24ORE, 3 November 2013 28.8.1964 He was without name for many years, protected by a Hasselblad covering his face. You could only see the profile and the hands, always beautiful and elegant in photographers, wrapped to the camera and the lens as ...
Claudio Rava Cambi Auction House, thanks to its international character and after careful market analysis, decided to open a new department dedicated to vintage motoring, given the great interest this amazing sector attracts worldwide, and being the first Italian auction house to enter it. The world of collecting ...
A good success also for the last sale of the first semester of this year, the Design Auction held on 25 June. About 995,000 euros, with more than 50% of the catalogue sold by lot and 75% in value, confirm Cambi as  the first Auction House in Italy in this field, surpassing the good result already reached last ...
Andrea Pietro Mori Fed by fashion magazines and ancient civilizations, unaware – despite his Austrian origins – to the functionalist lesson of Bauhaus and Ulm school, Sottsass forms his idea of design starting from the rejection for the amoral architecture of the plan Ina-Casa, supported by the rationalist ...
Bianca Dolfin Centuries-old beliefs on coral, linked to its metamorphic nature, identify it as an expression of the balance between life and death, able to embrace changes and exalt them. As talisman or harbinger of fortune, with alleged healing and apotropaic properties, symbol of longevity and strictly connected ...

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