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Fine Old Frames
Auction 0248Fine Old Frames
tue 8 MARCH 2016
Antique Frames
Auction 0184Antique Frames
wed 16 APRIL 2014
Antique Frames from 16th to 19th century
Auction 0174Antique Frames from 16th to 19th century
thu 23 MAY 2013
Frames and mirrors represent the splendid companions of painting artworks, having the aim of furtherly enhacing the artistic language and aesthetics of the masterpieces, and sometimes even managing to overcome the elegance and refinment of the artworks. Art lovers and collectors of painting certainly know to appreciate, other than the context of the artwork, its elegant frame.  

Cambi’s antique frames and mirrors auctions are periodically organized and include a great choice of art objects in various  sizes and models, masterpieces of craftsmanship that can surely satisfy the most demanding requirements and tastes.   

Our fine frames and mirrors department calls the attention of both Italian and international collectors and art lovers, constantly searching the perfect sizes and styles of frames to match their painting artworks. Cambi’s specialization in antique frames and valuable mirros has always been one of the strenghts of our auction house and Marcello Cambi, the director of this department. From the early beginnings of Cambi’s activity in 1980, his antiques studio was already famous for the wide selection of antique frames and fine mirrors. 

Marcello Cambi:

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