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February 2015 - n. 08

2014 ended confirming Cambi’s starring role in the Italian auction sales. In addition to the wellestablished leadership with regard to Oriental art, excellent results were in fact registered for design, jewellery, contemporary art and old master paintings.
Auctions were held with an increasing alternation between the two offices in Genoa and Milan, where we moved some key departments, while the London office, as well as hosting the previews of the major auctions and ancient and contemporary art exhibitions, is more and more a fundamental link with the international market. Autumn has been for us a period of great celebrations: in Genoa we opened to the public, after a major restoration, the artificial caves that start from the cloister in front of Mackenzie Castle, while in the flamboyant Napoleonic room in Palazzo Serbelloni we opened the endof- season Milan auction. Two major events that were attended by hundreds of people.
The new season will open, as usual, with the Fine Art and Old Master Paintings auction, to be held in March in Genoa along with that of Rare and Old Books and Manuscripts, which includes also a large collection of art books. After a few days we will have in Milan the very interesting sale of 20th-century Decorative Arts, with a catalogue dedicated to the work by Emile Gallé and French glass of the early 20th century. Again in the Milan office there will be, in April, the auctions of Fine Jewels and Silvers and Modern and Contemporary Art, and in May Old Master Paintings and Fine Art Selection, in addition to the Fine Chinese Works of Art that, for the first time, will be exhibited and held in Milan. The season will be ended by the Design auction, as always in June.
This issue of the magazine contains an important essay by Carlo Raffo on the production of majolica by Della Robbias, that starts from the discovery in Genoa of an unknown work, while Franca Carboni takes us to the discovery of a hidden gem in the historic centre of Genoa, full of treasures as this 18th-century chapel now restored to its former glory. In addition to the detailed reports of the auctions of the second half of 2014, the spotlight is on the beautiful Gallé glass collection, star of the upcoming auction and of the article by Thea Casarino. Gianni Rossi presents us the authors of the manuscripts that will be hesitated in March: Giacomo Filippo Maraldi, astronomer of the eighteenth century and grandson of Giovanni Domenico Cassini, already famous academician of the Roi Soleil, and Cesare Francesco Cassini, cartographer. Guido Briganti illustrates three new works by Pier Leone Ghezzi, in catalogue in the Painting auction at Palazzo Serbelloni. Among the events organised in our offices, at the end of February a conference on jewellery will be held in Milan, by Dr. Navone, which will be re-proposed in early March in Rome and as already issued by Titti Curzio in her article.
Gianluca del Monaco writes an article on an art form that has still not found the resonance that perhaps would deserve, that of miniatures on parchment that in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance adorned volumes, transforming them in true collections of works of art. This issue hosts an in-depth article too, by Antonella Rathshüler, on the Genoese manufacture of furniture by Henry Thomas Peters, well known internationally.
Finally, among the interests of the Auction House is also to propose the works on sale in our auctions through the most technological channels; that is why we are graphically renewing our website – www. – which, together with CambiApp for iPad and iPhone, makes our sales reachable by all within a single click.
The Caves of Mackenzie Castle
Matteo Fochessati Among the numerous artistic and architectonic articulations of Mackenzie Castle – first work and masterpiece of the Florence architect Gino Coppedè – stands out, because of its incredibly scenic setting, the romantic area of the artificial caves, which overlook a paved courtyard ...
As a large golden green shell
Franca Carboni People who love collecting ancient objects say that you do not look for them, they find you. This is what happened to me. The meeting with a real estate agent friend of mine was the occasion. As I found out that he was selling an 18th-century chapel, I asked him to visit it and everything went on very ...
Titti Curzio People have always adorned themselves: the first jewels date back to pre-Palaeolithic and were made out of stones, bones, teeth, fish bones or shells. It is therefore clear the desire to stand out, showing off physical strength and talent, in hunting, fishing, and, not least, the desire to be protected ...
Della Robbia art: the St. Pantaleo reliEf
Carlo Raffo The artistic heritage of the Genoese church includes an object of great value, worthy of the role of works of art client played in the society by the ecclesiastical institution. This is the relief representing St. Pantaleo martyr by Luca and Andrea della Robbia, a majolica dating back to 1460 or a little later ...
Cassini & Maraldi
TWO FAMILIES AND TWO MANUSCRIPTS BETWEEN ASTRONOMY AND CARTOGRAPHY IN THE FRANCE OF THE ANCIEN RÉGIME The winter of 1708 was one of the coldest of those years. The following year, the Port of Genoa and the Venice Lagoon froze.We are in Paris, in a room next to the most ancient astronomical observatory in the world, ...

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