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September 2015 - n. 09

2015 first half gave us great satisfactions thanks to the a series of prestigious sales that confirmed us on top of auction sales in Italy.

From the sale of a beautiful Gallé glass collection and rare porcelains by Gio Ponti, to the extraordinary success of the auction Mario Panzano antique dealer, with an excellent performance for antique and ancient art and whose sale is illustrated in this issue by Lodovico Caumont Caimi, we came to the Milan auctions of jewelry and contemporary art, which broke all previous records, even doubling the 2014 overall sales turnover. The latter, in fact, have more than doubled last year’ s sales.

Extraordinary was the auction of Oriental art, with the sale for more than 2,400,000 euros of a rare porcelain moon flask. Finally, we must not forget the design, that, with results beyond expectations, confirmed us as leader in the market.

Like the previous one, also this Autumn season will be full of events.

From October 2015, we will hold the first Genoese auctions at Castello Mackenzie. We will open by offering an extraordinary collection of glass from Italian Renaissance to the 19th century, perhaps the most important sale ever held in Italy; the monographic catalogue edited by Margherita Gobbi and Carlo Peruzzo will for sure become a reference for collectors.

In those days, there will also be the auction of fine art and old masters paintings focused on the sale of the property of the heirs of Ercole Marelli and the counts Quintavalle. The story of this extraordinary family and his collection is told in these pages by Roberta Olcese.

In November, there will be the biggest event ever organized in our Milan headquarters at Palazzo Serbelloni. The auctions of Modern and contemporary art, jewels, silvers, watches, majolica, 19th and 20th-century sculpture, 20th-century decorative arts and Fine Art Selection will be concentrated in two days of sales only.

On this occasion, two departments we wanted to further strengthen and develop will make their debut. In fact, we will present the first monographic catalogue dedicated to Watches and Pocket Watches by Francesca Tagliatti, head of the homonymous department, together with the catalogue of jewels, one of the sectors that reports the most relevant increase.

We will also have the first sale exclusively dedicated to majolica and antique porcelain; the department is now under Gianni Asioli and Enrico Caviglia, outstanding and highly experienced personalities in the field, who, since this year, will take care of the sales that will be regularly organized in our Milan office.

A new entry in the department of arts of the 20th century is Marco Arosio; thanks to him, we will strengthen our propositions in the Milan area.

Exceptional Fine Art Selection auction, where an extraordinary set of furniture by Giuseppe Maggiolini, a wonderful box in precious stones from Florentine Manifatture Granducali, a gorgeous Baroque, carved and guilt frame on a drawing by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a rare collection of  old waxes, as well as selected paintings and sculptures will be on sale.

In this issue we are also pleased to present the interesting insights by Chiara Parisio on the neoclassical miniatures; by Giovanni Raspini on the 18th-century Italian silvers; by Carmen Ravanelli Guidotti on Renaissance majolica; by Andrea Pietro Mori on Fontana Arte production which is always in great demand, in Italy and abroad.
Furnitures from the residences of ercole marelli's heirs
Roberta Olcese “My great-grandfather Ercole Marelli has always had a weakness for art, especially the paintings of the 19th century. Over the years, together with his son-in-law Bruno Antonio Quintavalle, historical president of Magneti Marelli, he built an astonishing art gallery, almost a museum.” Guido ...
Refined transparency. Collectible old glasses
Margherita Gobbi Glass collectors rarely have such a greedy opportunity as the auction that will be held in the second half of October: it has been long, in fact, since the Italian and international markets, always stingy with important Venetian glasses and even more in recent years, have offered such rare, selected ...
The last act of a man who dedicated his whole life to genoese collecting
Lodovico Caumont Caimi Last 19 May the auction room of Castello Mackenzie was full, as it had not happened for many years for fine art sales. The atmosphere recalled the Genoese auctions of the early 1980s, when the crowd thronged before the opening of doors to be able to have a seat. Among those present in the hall ...
Majolica for "aristocratic flats" and eminent cardinals
Carmen Ravanelli Guidotti Since late Middle Ages, abundance of raw material and specific cultural situations gave life, along the whole Italian peninsula, to several districts of majolica featuring a production capability so specialized to compete with the majorica, painted in lustro technique, developed in the Spanish ...
Pavel Petrovitch Troubetzkoy. Moving sculpture
Pietro Zonza Pavel Petrovitch Troubetzkoy was born on 15 February 1866 in Intra, son to the prince and Russian diplomat Pierre Troubetzkoy and the American pianist Ada Winans. Thanks to his parents, who love to host artists and man of letters in their inner circle, Pavel becomes passionate for art and studies sculpture ...

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