Art Objects

Cambi Casa d'Aste organises auctions of antiquities, sculptures and decorative objects and artworks, important sales that reunite selections of art objects appreciated by collectors beyond our national borders. There is no doubt that the Department that deals with objects of art is one of the most important for Cambi Auction House, a sector that has given us enormous satisfaction since the beginning.

Refined furnishings and chandeliers, antique paintings, sculptures, columns and statues, candelabra and mirrors, crucifixes and objects of sacred use, bronze sculpures and other lots of great interest are periodically presented in the catalogs of the Department of Art Objects. Collecting is strongly connected to the art market and its trend; seen on a macro scale, collecting is what influences and directs the national and international trend of artists' prices. Collecting art is an activity with an important emotional component and which has deep meanings; Collecting art and art objects has not only the venal value of owning a work of art, but also has a high socio-cultural importance. Buying art also means investing the capital being possessed, an activity which has interesting economic developments over time.

The role of the Auction House is to advise and reccomend works and objects of art best suited to the budget of those wishing to buy at auction, but also to guide the choice of works that best suit new collections or collections already started. The auction catalogs of art objects offer extremely heterogeneous selections of lots, that are able to satisfy requests and demands for artworks from multiple sectors. The sales of the Department dealing Art Objects are therefore rare opportunities to buy works of outstanding beauty and value.
Among the most relevant results of the auctions organized by the Department of Art Objects we mention only a few, including the important pair of gilded and patinated bronze candelabra made by the Luigi Manfredini Manufacture sold for € 80,100 and the pair of allegorical groups in marble made in Naples in the 18th century, attributed to Giuseppe Sanmartino.

Our experts in the valuation of art objects combine the normal activities of cataloging and first appraisal with professional consulting services, in full compliance with their role of pure intermediation. The consultancy activities are intended to offer professional and reliable support for our customers who wish to invest in works and objects of art.

Do you want to sell art objects making the most of them? Selling at auction is an extraordinary opportunity to make the best profit for the works in your possession that you wish to sell. Our experts are available to valuate works and objects of art in your possession free of charge; contact us for more information.