19th and 20th Century Paintings

The Department dealing with 19th century paintings and 19th century sculptures is, without any doubt, an expression of excellence for Cambi Auction House.

Auctions of nineteenth and twentieth century paintings are held annually, usually in spring, and are unique opportunities to acquire rare works from private collections. The sector of 19th century paintings enjoys an ever-increasing interest on the part of collectors and enthusiasts, works that manage to combine aesthetic pleasure with the security of investment and that are able to intercept the taste and attention of the greatest international collectors. Nineteenth-century paintings are the object of research by a clientele attentive to the quality of the works and to their provenance, a clientele oriented to the desire for novelty expressed best by the interest for unpublished works produced in this period.

The paintings included in the Department's auction catalogs are chronologically placed from the beginning of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century and represent productions by Italian and international artists, among which the Macchiaioli, some exponents of historical Romanticism, but also authors of the Divisionist current stand out as protagonists. Among the protagonists of the sector we find Francisco Hayez, Telemaco Signorini, Plinio Nomellini, Giovanni Fattori, the Genoese artists Andrea Figari, Cesare Bentivoglio, Oscar Saccorotti, Carlo Pollonera and many others.

Among the adjudications of the most relevant international artists in the auctions of 19th and 20th century paintings, we can mention George Washington Lambert, whose canvas sold for €52,000, the work of Franz Von Stuck sold for €112,000 and that of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Svedomskij, a painting sold for €72,000.

The Department also regularly proposes monographic catalogs such as the sale of all the works coming from the "Pettirosso", the house-studio of the painter Oscar Saccorotti, the Carlo Quaglia collection, and in 2010, first among the other auctions of the genre for the success at international level, the Atelier of the Svedomskij Brothers, which set important adjudication records for the two Russian painters.
The last monographic sale of the Department in chronological order is Da Viazzi a Balla, Artisti Italiani da una Collezione Genovese, an exclusive collection of important Italian artists of the 19th century - including Cominetti, Balla, Nomellini, Viazzi - coming from the collection of a passionate collector of the Ligurian capital.

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