Furniture and Decors

That of fine furnishings and decorations is, without a doubt, one of the most important Departments of Cambi Auction House. In fact, since the origins of our activity in the world of auctions, the sector of fine furniture has always been a point of reference for collectors of exceptional furniture, enthusiasts of antique furniture and operators in the sector in search of special objects, antiques and rare furniture.

Thanks to the great availability of exhibition spaces, the pre-auction displays make it possible to carefully analyze the lots at the auction and the opportunity to choose the objects that best suit the needs and styles of our customers. The catalogs of furniture and decorations published by the dedicated Department offer a wide choice of objects such as consoles, tables and precious desks, chairs, elegant armchairs and precious chandeliers, corner cabinets, mirrors, commode and trumeau, all art objects made from the 16th to the 19th Century.

Excellent results in past auctions have been recorded for 18th century Italian and French furniture and decoration objects, a trend that is always confirmed on the rise despite the profound transformations in the market, as well as changes in the preferences of collectors. The auctions organized by the Department of Furniture and Decorations meet both the requirements of the most demanding collectors and the growing interest in the market for period furniture and decorative objects of classic and antique taste. The careful selection of lots to be offered at auction, always originating from private collections, is the key of the success of the Department dedicated to auctions of antique and rare furniture.

Our experts are constantly looking for original and rare pieces, never-before seen on the market, works of high value that can stimulate the curiosity and interest of the most demanding and passionate collectors.
Among the most important awards of the auctions of antique furniture, the pair of veneered corner cabinets inlaid with the motif of the Genoese Louis XV four-leaf clover stand out, sold for €310.100 starting from an initial estimate of €60.000, the Louis XV diplomatic desk veneered , France, 18th century, sold for € 212.600, a rare and important mirror in carved gilded wood and crystal inclusions at the Bohems, made in the workshop of Giuseppe Lorenzo Briati in Venice, mid-18th century, sold for € 181.350.
The auction of Furniture, Paintings and Objects of Art from the collections of Mario Panzano, a historic Genoese antiquarian who made an important contribution to the enhancement of Italian art, a sale that took place in May 2015, deserves a special mention as it was an auction enriched with a part of his private collection.

Are you curious if an antique or vintage piece of furniture in your possession has a commercial value? Want to sell a decor piece and don’t know who you can talk to? Ask our experts for the valuation of antique and classic furniture and decorations that you want to put up for sale. The valuation service offered by our experts is completely free, confidential and can be easily requested, online, directly from our site. Selling with Cambi Aste is easy, fast, safe and advantageous.