Marcel Wanders with Alessi
Ballerina, 2016

€ 600,00 / 900,00
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Marcel Wanders with Alessi Ballerina, 2016

Musical box in 18/10 stainless steel, hand decorated. Limited edition of 999 numbered pieces and 9 artist’s proofs.

cm 15,2x10,4x16


Lot offered by Alessi spa with a 100% donation, shipped from Crusinallo di Omegna, Italy

“The Ballerina is a graceful baby elephant who spins upon a gilded ball, performing classical dance steps in the company of a little mouse. Marcel Wanders brings these two romantic characters to life in a poetical musical box. The pedestal on which she performs her dance contains a mechanism that plays the tune: The March of the Gladiators by Julius Fu ík, a melody that opens circus shows all over the world.

Marcel Wanders is a leading product and interior design studio located in the creative capital of Amsterdam, with over 1,900 + iconic product and interior design experiences all around the globe for private clients and premium brands such as Alessi, Baccarat, Bisazza, Christofle, Kosé Corporation/ Decorté, Flos, KLM, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, LH&E Group, Louis Vuitton, Miramar Group, Morgans Hotel Group, Puma among scores of others.
Under Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave’s creative leadership and creative direction, Marcel Wanders employs 52 design and communication experts. In an environment where everyone perceives, breathes and lives creativity across a multitude of projects from in-flight tableware to cosmetics packaging to hospitality interiors.
Regarded by many as an anomaly in the design world, Marcel Wanders has made it his mission to “create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true.” This work excites, provokes, and polarises, but never fails to surprise for its ingenuity, daring and singular quest to uplift the human spirit, and entertain.
Marcel Wanders’ chief concern is bringing the human touch back to design, ushering in what he calls design’s ‘new age;’ in which designer, craftsperson and user are reunited. In his process, Marcel Wanders defies design dogma, preferring instead to focus on holistic solutions rather than the technocratic. In this universe, the coldness of industrialism is replaced instead by the poetry, fantasy and romance of different ages, vividly brought to life in the contemporary moment