Old Masters Paintings - II

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Old Masters Paintings

tue 29 October 2013
Genoa - Castello Mackenzie
SINGLE SESSION 29/10/2013 Hours 16:00
This is the sale that Cambi presents for ancient painting, from the medieval boards to the eighteenth century.
Among the numerous works of note are those of the authors Genoa area as Bernardo Strozzi, Bartolomeo Guidobono or Luca Cambiaso, a collection of works by Pietro Della Vecchia represent the Venetian painting while among foreigners are present, among others, the works of the Flemish Jan Franz Van Bloemen and Pieter Balten.
A careful selection by the department guarantees to find works in the sale of high quality.
Viewing from Friday 25 to Monday 28, 10am to 7pm
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Scuola Italiana del XVI secolo Ecce Homo

olio su tavola, cm 57x46
€ 1.000,00 / 1.200,00
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