Live auction 894

Old Masters

thu 30 November 2023
Genoa - Castello Mackenzie, Mura di San Bartolomeo, 16
In the prestigious Genoese venue of Castello Mackenzie, Cambi Auction House presents the exclusive Old Masters live auction, an extraordinary event involving ancient paintings from different periods from important private collections.

That of Old Masters Paintings and Drawings is one of the auction house's historical departments and has now become an important point of reference for Italian and international collectors both when entrusting and purchasing works. In fact, the objective pursued is to devote the utmost care and seriousness to the research and enhancement of unpublished or published paintings, always offering a wide and varied selection of works, of Italian and European scope, ranging from the 14th century to the late 18th century.

Our experts are available to conduct free and confidential appraisals of individual works and entire collections for inclusion in auction.