Cambi Auction Magazine

Fourteen years of hard work, almost 100,000 lots sold in our 115 auctions, a staff of thirty people, 1500 square metres of exhibition floor space, a constantly growing turnover thanks to constant drive and yet more work. Tens of thousands of photographs in our archives and 16,000 clients from all over Italy and abroad. Sometimes there is just no time to stop and think, to muse on what it’s all about as we dedicate ourselves to something we love.
First of all it’s about people: the family, our friends, our clients and all the art lovers who have followed us faithfully for years and flock to our showrooms.
And then it’s about paintings and antiques, the hub of our business and our ruling passion; they colour our lives with authenticity and originality, they are what make us individuals, rather than mere numbers, cogs trapped in a machine we cannot stop.
But apart from this, what have we contributed to art?
We are truly proud of saving and restoring an exceptional building as historically important as Castle Mackenzie, now our headquarters.
When we took it over it was virtually derelict, but with a lot of love and care we have tried to restore it to all its former glory, reopening it to the public and publishing an exhaustive monograph. Now that work on the main part of the castle is complete, we don’t want to stop moving forward and have decided to launch a project we have been considering for some time and which has no parallel in Italy. Our own magazine. A way of communicating with our clients, explaining who we are and what we do in more detail.
And it won’t be just about Cambi: we’ll be dedicating plenty of space to learned contributions from critics and art historians and keeping our readers up to date on what’s happening in the art and antique world with articles and reviews on exhibitions, books, museums and other cultural events.
With the first issue of our magazine, we also want to give a welcome to the survey “The art of savoir vivre,” which we hope will delight the most  curious and passionate the real bon vivants and travel lovers who wish to live the more pleasant and state-of the art experiences during their spare time.
A magazine in Italian and English because we want to be heard beyond our national borders, to create a lively dialogue that everyone can take part in, with comments on a whole range of topics as well as what’s happening at Cambi. We will also be producing an interactive version with multimedia content on line, so that all our clients and friends can keep up to date with market trends and all the news from Cambi on the web.